Best Bass Guitar in 2019

Introduction: A Foreword about the Best Bass GUITAR

Both beginners and advanced players like to ask a question which is hard to answer: “What is the best bass guitar that I can buy?”

The short answer is that more expensive basses are generally better. The long answer is that there are instruments in all price ranges which offer exceptional Price-Performance ratios.

That’s why we have decided to make this buying guide with a list of the best instruments in every price range, starting with the most affordable bass guitars up to professional high-end instruments!

We will include everything from good starter bass guitars all the way to top rated bass guitars. There are many different types of basses but we will try to cover different bass guitar brands and offer you something for every style and need.



If you are in a hurry these are our top picks:


The Music Man Stingray bass offers everything a bass-guitar should offer – amazing tone with a lot of tonal settings, high-quality build, amazing hardware and active-electronics, and both a 4 string and a 5 string model!

The ash body, maple neck and a maple or rosewood fretboard provide you with a very traditional and classical sound, while the active-electronics and the wast variety of knobs gives you a lot possibility to get a much more modern tone.

The compensated nut, easily adjustable neck and the Schaller Tuners deliver absolute tuning stability and intonation, which, together with the numerous yet intuitive tone settings, make this bass an absolute winner in the live-performance setting.

There are a few different pickup- configurations to chose from but it’s always a very authentic sound that you will definitely love!

There is nothing much to complain about with these basses. They offer a very unique blend of traditional and modern technology, so the bass can cover almost every musical genre.

They are very comfortable and playing them is really fun! Simply an amazing instrument!

For more about Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • Sound 100% 100%
  • Quality 100% 100%
  • Value 98% 98%

  • Flawless craftsmanship
  • Amazing blend of modern, innovative details with a classical, traditional construction
  • Very comfortable and fun to play
  • 5 string models come with a 34 inch scale!


  • Absolutely nothing wrong with these basses!

The Rickenbacker 4003 is a true bass icon that has set the standard for the modern rock-and-roll bass sound and opened up the doors to heavy-metal.

Rickenbackers sell for around 1600 dollars but older models that are no longer in production can cost you up to a few thousand dollars.

Rickenbacker offers ringing sustain, treble punch and solid underlying bass.

The neck binding and the fairly narrow neck make the bass extraordinarily comfortable to play and the neck-through construction provides massive sustain.

Schaller Deluxe tuners will give you perfect tuning stability, as well as the rest of the near- perfect hardware.

The high-output single-coils offer a punchy, vintage tone so if you like to emulate the sound of older players, then Ricks are the best basses you can get.

Sadly, their wish to preserve the vintage tone has led them to not producing any variations on the model.

5 string Rickenbackers are extremely rare as the 4004Cii/5 series is discontinued, there are no 24 fret models and generally no variation to the standard 4003 model.

While Rickenbackers don’t offer a lot of variation, they do offer flawless craftsmanship, wonderfully emulated vintage tone and a very comfortable instrument with a lot of character.


For more about Rickenbacker 4003, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • Sound 98% 98%
  • Quality 100% 100%
  • Value 94% 94%

  • Flawless craftsmanship
  • Amazing tone with a lot of sustain
  • Very comfortable to play!


  • Lack of more modern models and features like 5 string modes, active pickups and short-scales


The Ibanez BTB bass guitars are another type of bass which seems to appeal to a huge number of players of different genres, and seem to be part of every bassists musical journey at some point.

These aggressive looking basses give the impression to be a true metalhead bassists best friend, which would normally go with the Ibanez brand.

But they are way more than just that!

The Boutique-grade BTB series offers deep cutaways give you unlimited access to the upper fretboard and the necks are very comfortable, despite the 35 inch scale length used to make the B string feel less floppy.

It comes with amazing hardware and a neck-through construction that offers amazing tone and sustain.

The bass is also available as a 4 and 6 string model, as well as a very unique 33 inch model, which is strung with a high C instead of a low B.

Another unique variation on this instrument is the singlecut version which gives a less aggressive impression and even more sustain.

The only downside to these basses is the fact that they don’t offer a 34 inch scale for people who don’t want to go 35. While the 33 inch model is very comfortable, adding a low B string instead of the high C would require you to change the nut and re-adjust the whole set-up of the bass, which can get quite costly if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

But if you can look past the 35 inch scale, this is a fantastic instrument that will suit you well regardless of the genre you are using it for!

For more about Ibanez BTB, check out customer reviews on Amazon.


  • Sound 90% 90%
  • Ease of Use 100% 100%
  • Price 90% 90%

  • Very versatile instrument
  • High-quality build which ensures perfect tone
  • Fantastic balance with a fairly light body!


  • Lack of a 34 inch model

The Rockbass series of Warwick offers affordable quality-design basses for a fair price. The standard high-quality of Warwick is ensured, the fabulous tuners are there, the tone is superb and you simply can’t go wrong with one of these!

There are countless options for these basses: active and passive, 4, 5 and even 6 string models, 34, 32 and 30 inch scale lengths, both fretted and fretless models, left-handed models and a huge number of finishes!

Our ideal model – a Medium Scale 34 inch 5 string with active electronics! They are somewhat harder to get by as 5 string players usually go for 34 or 35 inch, but if you have smaller hands but want to have a all the low end of a 5 string, there is no other bass you should buy!

The high-quality tone woods offer exceptional sound and a loud, aggressive and crunchy Low-B notes.

Warwick offers a very interesting combination of tonal settings that makes these basses excel in both a very harsh metal environment, but also in styles like funk and gospel music.

The only thing we dislike about these basses are the somewhat big, baseball-bat-like necks that also lack fret-markers. Many players are used to playing without fret-markers and don’t care about a bigger neck, but especially with the short scale versions, which might appeal to beginners with a bigger budget, that poses a problem.

Still, Warwick offers us an amazing instrument for an amazing price! If you want to try something new that you’ve never tried before, like get into fretless instrument, try a 5 or even a 6 string bass or need a short-scale model, then you should definitely add a Warwick to your collection!

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  • Sound