Net Sounds Music mission is simple: to create the world’s best resource for  musician of all levels.

A space where you can learn, share and analyze different reviews regarding everything that is related to music.

We founded this website when we were on college. Both of us (Peter Thompson and Mark Wilsson) shared a passion for music and we played on several bands.

Peter Thompson

Mark Wilson

 So we decided to create a project for musicians were users could access easy to follow tutorials. Offering an easy path for people looking to start their musical journeys.

The website evolved and became a digital medium for musicians featured on award wining websites like:


So check out our articles and let us know if we are living up to our goals. If you have more questions please check out our contact page and fill out the form.

We’d love to hear from you, and especially encourage feedback that can help us improve.

You can help us make NetSoundsMusic the world’s best source of information for music enthusiasts like you.



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