Best Electronic Drum Set in 2019


No matter if you’re buying your first set, switching from an acoustic drum set or just adding a new kit to your collection, It’s always important to do an in-depth research before making a definitive choice.

We’ve made this buying guide in an effort to show you the best options available on the market, which belong to different price brackets.

What Makes a Good Electronic Drum Set?

First, let us understand what makes a good electronic drum set.
There are several things you need to have in consideration and of course, these aspects will be also determined by your budget.
But generally speaking you need to pay attention to these 4 key points:


This is essential because you want to look for a manufacturer that has done the proper job of recording different types of drums in real situations. Typically you will find sounds for different playing styles but the quality of this samples is what matters the most.


This is kind of redundant when you go up in cost the sets tend to be of better quality. But besides the budget limitation, we have included in this list the best brands that will deliver a good product no matter how much you are willing to pay.


Basically there are two types of heads and we cover the difference between them here. But essentially try to pick a kit with mesh heads. This types of heads have a more natural feel when playing. If you come from an acoustic drum set you will be grateful for them.


This is the brain behind the machine. Of course, you will find better and more complex modules when you are looking at high-end e-drums. But also this usually means that they are a bit harder to understand, aimed at a more experienced musician.

Don’t worry, in this buying guide, we will cover in detail this aspects and more for each of the electronic drum sets so you can make a truly educated decision.


We did the hard work for you and prepared a selection of models for each price range, which we think are the best option at the moment. Below, you will find all the info you need to make a well-rounded decision.

Benefits of going digital:

The main advantage is the entire new array of sounds you can play with just one drum set. You can also use electronic kits to play various pre-recorded samples, or even whole sections of songs.

Try experimenting with different effects that you can apply easily with a digital system.

Another great benefit is not having to worry about volume when practicing. Just plug your headphones in and you’re ready to go.

These are just a couple of really good reasons to try and go digital.


best electronic drum set 20190

Roland’s new TD-50KV drum kit pushes the limits of electronic kits to a whole new level. Where TD-30K hit the wall, TD-50KV just keeps going. The whole new module with its advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling engine is bringing electronic kits to the level of a quality acoustic set. Those who want the best of the best will find their answer in Roland TD-50KV.


No matter how advanced a kit is, a lot of its performance will be based on the quality of materials and hardware used. With TD-50KV, you are looking at impressive levels of reliability, stability and overall aesthetics. This kit doesn’t only sound like an acoustic set, it looks like one as well.


The all new Prismatic Sound Modeling engine absolutely pushes the limits of digital drum sampling. Roland has included a number of realistic sounding drum presets, which you can alter in so many different ways. The end result is an electronic drum kit that sounds like a quality acoustic set.


As you would expect, the pads on the new flagship kit from Roland belong to the V-Series. However, these are quite a bit different compared to the previous generation. Not only do they look like real drum heads, but the sensitivity and feedback are almost the same. On top of that, you can customize the performance of each pad in so many different ways.


Considering how complex the design of TD-50KV is, it is fair to say that mobility was not something Roland was focused on when designing this thing. It is heavy, large and full of hardware components that need precision adjustment. Using this kit for frequent gigging is simply not something anyone would want to do.


The all new TD-50 module from Roland brings a number of important changes compared to its predecessor, the TD-30. For starters, it comes with XLR support which means that you can hook it up to a PA system. However, its strongest side is its versatility. TD-50 allows you to customize the output for various environments, change the response of the pads and so much more.


The kit features:

  • Roland’s all new TD-50 drum module

  • Impressive new Prismatic Sound Modeling engine

  • Highly realistic 14″ Roland PD-140DS snare drum

  • Supreme quality of samples

  • Incredible versatility and customization options

Roland TD-50K is the new standard. That is the only real way we can describe this impressive drum set. They have taken the performance of TD-30 series and pushed them to a whole new level of excellence.

We recently made a full review of this beast right here.

If you need a professional kit and have an unlimited budget, TD-50K is the only real way to go at the moment.

For more about the Roland TD 50 check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Response & Feel 98% 98%
  • Sounds 97% 97%
  • Quality 99% 99%
  • Impressive performance
  • Sounds as close to an acoustic set as it is possible
  • Versatile and flexible in any way imaginable
  • Comes at a steep price
best electronic drum set modern drummer

While the greatest and latest Roland electronic kit definitely rules the market now, the older Roland TD-30KV-S V-Pro is still a beast in its own right. Up until recently, this kit was the best you could get, and that didn’t change too much.

Aside from having an older engine and a couple of more newer features missing, TD-30KV-S V-Pro offers a lot of performance. Best thing is that you can probably get one now for a cheaper price since it is no longer the flagship.


Discussing quality in the same context with Roland’s flagship electronic drum kit is completely unnecessary. They have gone above and beyond in all aspects you can imagine. This means carefully designed and well-made hardware, smart solutions in key areas and more. When you are dropping this kind of money on a drum kit, you don’t have to worry about quality.


Much like the TD-30K version, The TD-30KV-S V-PRO also features the SuperNATURAL engine that has shown to be rather impressive. The quality of samples is up there with acoustic kits, which is why this kit has been used by many popular names in the business. Aside from the default samples, there’s a vast array of additional features you have access to.


One of the reasons why TD-30KV-S V-PRO is Roland’s current flagship model are the V-Pads. Roland has applied this awesome technology to every single head on the kit, including the cymbals. V-Pads bring and incredibly realistic feedback, dynamic and overall feel during use. Other brands have some pretty cool solutions as well, but nothing that is quite on this level.


We’ve already touched on the subject of mobility with the TD-30K. The flagship version is no different. The hardware is massive, sturdy and requires time to disassemble and assemble again. There is nothing really mobile about the TD-30KV-S V-PRO. Once again, mobility was never really something Roland was focusing on while designing this kit.


The heart of the entire operation is the TD-30 module. This is something TD-30KV-S V-PRO shares with its more basic twin. Even though there are numerous advanced features on the flagship kit, the module is still as smooth as it can be. The extra load on the processing unit doesn’t have any negative impacts on its performance.  This is partially why TD-30KV-S V-PRO is the choice of professionals from around the worlds.

The kit features:
  • Flagship V-Drums series with all new sensing technology
  • SuperNATURAL® sound engine
  • Behavior Modeling technology
  • V-Edit Mode for easy sample customization
  • Dedicated “Ambience” feature which allows for room-ambiance adjustment
  • High-quality build that is suitable for serious stage use
  • All new V-Hi-Hat (VH-13) featuring new motion sensors for accurate playing
  • All new V-Pads (PD-128S/-128/-108) featuring improved rim sensor for accurate rim shots
  • All new V-Cymbals (CY-14C crash, CY-15R ride) that offer natural triggering
  • Dedicated USB port for computer syncing

This is a really remarkable piece of engineering. How it sounds, which is what matters the most, is just mind blowing.

A pure professional kit packed with everything you need to take your drumming to the next level.

Just remember that the trigger system on Yamaha’s can be a little more responsive. Never the less, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful set. Be sure to check our full review of the Roland Td30KV right here,

If you aren’t looking for a 7 piece drum kit our third pick can save you some money and the quality is the same.

For more about the Roland TD 30KV check out customer reviews on Amazon. 

  • Response & Feel 96% 96%
  • Sounds 94% 94%
  • Quality 98% 98%

  • Amazing engineering at work
  • High versatility
  • Organic tone


  • Some users report minor sound issues

3. Roland TD-30K V-Pro

(Best Electronic Drum Set for the Money):

alesis electronic drum set


Moving down the ranks of Roland’s legendary TD-30 series, we find the TD-30K V-Pro. This kit offers an incredible amount of versatility at a price that is now more competitive than ever before. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist who wants to get a piece of timeless gear, TD-30K V-Pro is a kit worth investing in.


When Roland pushed out the TD-30K V-PRO, they attracted a lot of attention. Everyone wanted to see what kind of quality they would deliver, considering all of the hype about this TD series drum. Fortunately for us, the quality is supreme. All of the hardware is built very solid, and just by looking at the stuff you can see that Roland used only the best materials.


One of the main reasons TD-30K V-PRO has managed to rank so well is the fact that it comes with the rather impressive SuperNATURAL sound engine. The sampled drum sounds are fairly close to an acoustic set, which is something you definitely couldn’t say only a couple years ago. None of this is surprising since a lot of Roland’s products feature the exact same sound engine.


Another area where we see a lot of improvement are the heads.Roland’s mesh V-Pad heads feature dual triggering as well as incredible sensitivity. You can express yourself in any way you want to, and the heads will keep up. While they are very accurate by default, V-Pad heads can distinguish between head and rim shots as you play.


Mobility is one thing TD-30K V-PRO is not good at. However, those getting a complex setup such as this are definitely not worried about mobility. This Roland’s high-end electronic drum set was meant for studio and stage use more than anything else.


TD-30 module isn’t exactly new. However, its incredible range of capabilities has made it relevant even to this day. Power and versatility are the primary things you can look forward to seeing in this unit. It is accurate, capable of processing complex patterns without as much as a hiccup, and it just works.


The kit features:

  • Roland’s best drum module in circulation with improved sensing technology and SuperNATURAL sound engine
  • Expressive and highly accurate playability provided by Behavior Modeling
  • Versatile V-Edit mode for easy sound customization
  • Improved “Ambience” fader which allows adjustment of ambiance balance
  • USB port for memory access, data backup and audio playback (WAV/MP3 support)
  • Dedicated USB-MIDI port for faster computer connectivity

The sound quality of this drum set is amazing. The quality overall and the feeling when playing makes this drum a super contender. Rest assured you can expect to play any kind of techniques and dynamics in a very natural way.

Taking advantage that is not the latest and greatest the new price is something to seroiusly conside. Just balance a professional quality with the new pr