Best Drum Set for Kids

Introduction – a foreword about the best drum set for kids

Drums are considered to be the most difficult instrument to master, and it’s only obvious why parents urge their children to start practicing at a young age. A big challenge of this process is finding a drum set that will suit your young one.

Don’t worry though, that’s where we come in. We’ve made a list of the best drum set for kids, juniors and toddlers, and all you have to do is browse and take your pick.


If you are in a hurry these are our TOP 4 Picks:

toy drum set for 5 year old

Best Drum Set for Kids Under $300

ludwig junior drum set

A short overview:

The first item on our list is Ludwig’s Junior Outfit Drum Set. Now, there’s a manifold of reasons why you should get a good drum set if your young one is starting out the drumming career. First of all, Ludwig is a name of quality, so there’s a slim chance you’ll get anything short of quality.

Secondly, this drum set was specifically crafted by Ludwig professional artisans as to accommodate the needs of the aspiring young drummers. In essence, this drum set is very affordable, it’s supplied with premium-quality features, and it offers plenty of benefits for the youngest players.

Build quality and design:

This drum set was manufactured from multiple materials which offer magnificent durability and hardiness. The wooden elements of this drum set provide excellent acoustic properties while being tough and resilient through and trough. All in all, Ludwig’s Junior Outfit drum set is capable of withstanding quite a punishment and providing deep, resonating sound.

Good for money?

As Ludwig’s Junior Outfit Drum Set belongs to the “medium” price point category, it’s safe to deduce that it’s more than just valuable for the cash. If we take into account all of the magnificent features it comes supplied with, it holds a massive value for the cash.

For more about Ludwig Junior Outfit, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Build Quality 80% 80%
  • Functionality 94% 94%
  • Price to Value Ratio 92% 92%

  • Exceptionally durable
  • Great configuration
  • Ideal for young drummers
  • Easy to play and maintain
  • Recognizable Ludwig quality


  • Just a tad more expensive than standard kid drum set models

Best Drum Set For Kids Under $200

mendini junior drum set

A short overview:

Mendini’s Complete Kids drum set is supplied with exquisite features, which include a fully adjustable drum throne, cymbals, a kick pedal, and drumsticks. On top of that, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of vivid colors, such as Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Wine Red, and more.

Build quality and design:

This drum set is recommended for children that are up to 5-foot tall, as the configuration will fit them perfectly. Larger kids will still be able to play it, but they won’t be able to benefit as much. Anyhow, Mendini’s Complete Kids drum set features a bass drum (16″), a floor tom (12″), a pair of timpani (10″ and 8″), and a snare drum (10″). The wooden hardware is remarkably durable, as they are made of ultra-resilient materials.

Good for money?

Mendini’s Complete Kids drum set belongs to the “cheap” price point category, making it pretty valuable on its own. Furthermore, the whole set includes everything a child needs to get drumming right away, which only boosts the overall value. Wrapping it up, if you’re searching for a good kid drum set for a bargain price, you’ve found yourself a bargain.

For more about Mendini Drum Set, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Build Quality 75% 75%
  • Functionality 80% 80%
  • Price to Value Ratio 78% 78%

  • Incredibly cheap
  • Premium-quality features
  • Adjustable throne
  • Comes in a variety of vivid colors


  • It’s a cheap drum set, and you will probably be able to find a better-sounding set if you’re able to save up more cash

pearl junior drum set

A short overview:

It’s hard to describe such perfection as Gammon’s drum kits. It’s no different with their 5-piece Junior drum kit, as it’s simply ideal – the configuration of this kit features five superb drum pieces, including two timpani, a snare drum, a bass drum, and cymbals.

Furthermore, your kid will be able to choose from four color variations if the blue isn’t the thing – there are Black for elegant children, red for hotheads, and ping for little princesses.

Build quality and design:

This drum kit features a high-gloss finish, premium woodwork, and chromed rims. Putting it all in one sentence – yeah, this drum kit is durable. Now, what about functionality and reliability? Your kid will easily learn the ropes with Gammon‘s 5-piece junior starter drum kit, as the configuration is absolutely perfect.

Let’s get a bit further into detail – a stool is provided so that you don’t have to purchase it standalone, the crash and hi-hat are there as well. The timpani, snare drum, and the bass drum are considered to be a standard, so there’s literally everything a child can want.

Good for money?

Gammon’s 5-piece junior starter drum kit belongs the “affordable” price point category, which is pretty nice if you’re low on cash. Furthermore, most people get dissuaded by high prices, as children usually treat drum kits as toys. Nevertheless, Gammon’s 5-piece junior starter drum kit is different – this is a full-fledged drum kit that was built in such a way that it’s able to accommodate youngest drummers.

For more about Gammon 5-piece Junior Starter, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Build Quality 88% 88%
  • Functionality 89% 89%
  • Price to Value Ratio 95% 95%

  • Great configuration
  • A complementary drummer stool feature
  • Cymbals and hi-hat are a bonus
  • Durable construction
  • Pretty affordable
  • Four different color variations
  • One of the best-selling Gammon products


  • No major flaws

A short overview:

Even though most drummers think that every beginner should go with a full set, there’s no better way to get acquainted with the sounds drum kits make then to start with the basics. Pulse 4000 Series 3-Piece add-on pack offers this opportunity.

Basically, this drum set is comprised of three pieces, including a snare drum, a bass drum, and a large floor tom. This should be enough for a start, and you can always get a pair of cymbals and a hi-hat cymbal once your young one is ready to advance.

Putting it shortly, Pulse 4000 Series 3-Piece add-on pack is a marvelous kids drum set, as it features perfect dimensions for a child, premium-quality materials, and an exquisite level of performance. As for the price, it’s very cheap, so it’s easily affordable by literally everyone.

Build quality and design:

The triple-flange hoops are built to withstand some serious abuse while Remo heads offer plenty of durability. Furthermore, the multi-ply finish only contributes to the overall hardiness of Pulse 4000 Series 3-Piece add-on pack.

Simply speaking, Pulse 4000 Series 3-Piece add-on pack is one hell of a kids drum set, but it’s still just a 3-piece drum kit. This offers plenty of opportunities for aspiring drummers to learn the most basic techniques, but it can also be considered as a downfall, as most standard beginner drum kit models come in 5-piece sets.

Good for money?

It’s pretty hard to determine the overall value of Pulse 4000 Series 3-Piece add-on pack, as it definitely offers a lot of benefits, but it has its own set of flaws as well. Objectively speaking, most beginners would greatly benefit from the plain 3-piece configuration, but virtuosos would demand at least one cymbal. Anyhow, as Pulse 4000 Series 3-Piece add-on pack belongs to the “medium” price point category, it’s safe to say that it holds quite a value for the cash, all things considered.

For more about Pulse 4000 series, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Build Quality 95% 95%
  • Functionality 78% 78%
  • Price to Value Ratio 82% 82%

  • Remarkably easy to use
  • Superior durability and performance
  • Great materials
  • A ravishing outward appearance


  • Doesn’t come with any cymbals

drum set for 10 year old price

A short overview:

GP Percussion’s GP55BK junior set is practically ideal for young drummers – this set is not only very affordable, it also boasts a high level of reliability. Simply put, this just may be one of the best budget junior drum set models that money can buy.

The outward appearance of this 5-piece junior drum set is absolutely ravishing, but you can always try the “blue” color variant if it’s more to your liking.

Build quality and design:

The configuration of this drum set includes only high-quality parts, such as two toms, a snare, a drum kick, a ride cymbal, one floor tom, and a hi-hat. The woodwork is quite durable, even though there are more resilient models.

Good for money?

This drum kit belongs to the “bargain” price point category, and it’s definitely one of the best junior drum sets in the price range. GP Percussion’s GP55BK comes supplied with a durable wood pieces, two high-performance cymbals, a drum throne, and a complementary set of drum sticks, so it’s safe to deduce that it’s worth the cash.

For more about GP Percussion GP55BK, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Build Quality 76% 76%
  • Functionality 84% 84%
  • Price to Value Ratio 86% 86%

  • GP Percussion’s 5-piece junior drum kit belongs to the “bargain” price point category
  • This drum set boasts a high level of performance and reliability
  • This set is beautiful, and it’s available in two color variations
  • Comes with a complementary set of drum sticks


  • The “blue” color variant is way more expensive

Best Electronic Drum Set for Kids

electronic drum set for kids

A short overview:

Electronic drum sets are a great way for practice, especially if you’re living in a neighborhood that doesn’t tolerate sound pollution. Alesis DM6 USB Kit compact electronic drum set offers a great way to learn the basics for a bargain price.

Simply put, this electronic drum set offers realistic performance, and you can always utilize it’s headphone feature to practice silently. Furthermore, there’s a feature that allows you to connect this electronic drum set to your PC via USB, allowing MIDI data to be transferred for simplified drum controls.

All in all, this is a great drum set for beginners, but there’s a downfall that you need to know about – electronic drums are great for kids.

Beware that Electric drum sets provide the same sound output regardless of how much strength is put behind each strike, that is when we are talking about entry level sets, off course.  When you go up the chart there are some professional electronic drum sets that can mimic acoustic drum sets in a perfect way. Apart from that, this set holds a massive value for the cash.

Build quality and design:

Basically, Alesis DM6 USB Kit compact electronic drum set is a 8-piece electronic drum set that includes two snares, three cymbals, a hi-hat cymbal, a kick (similar to bass drum), and a hi-hat controller (similar to hi-hat pedal).

The durability of electronic drum kits can’t compare to the hardiness of real-wood drum sets, but Alesis DM6 USB Kit compact electronic drum set is pretty durable on its own.

Good for money?

Alesis DM6 USB Kit compact electronic drum set belongs to the “medium-expensive” price point category, but you’ll have a hard time finding a cheaper electronic drum kit with such features. It’s quite common that electronic drum kit variants come at a higher price, mainly because there’s more hardware. All in all, Alesis DM6 USB Kit compact electronic drum set holds an exquisite value for the cash.

For more about Alesis DM6 USB Kit, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Build Quality 85% 85%
  • Functionality 92% 92%
  • Price to Value Ratio 94% 94%

  • Extremely good for beginners
  • Ideal for indoor practice
  • Headphone and PC features
  • MIDI data transfer
  • A high-quality 8-piece electronic drum kit
  • Realistic feel


  • Slightly less durable than actual drum kits

Best Drum Set for Toddlers

A short overview:

Is there anything more adorable than a toddler drum kit? We beg to differ. Apontus 11-piece kids drum set is a perfect set for the youngest of drummers, as it provides everything a toddler needs to play around with. Even though this kit is considered a toy, it’s actually a full-fledged drum set that was sized down to accommodate toddlers.

Build quality and design:

Toddler drum set models are usually flimsy, but that’s not the case with Apontus 11-piece kids drum set. This toddler drum kit was made of non-toxic materials, including ABS plastic, Aluminum, oxide-free paint, and other.

This drum  kit features 11 pieces, including a mini snare, a mini drum bass, mini timpani, and a mini cymbal. Don’t be fooled by the looks, though – Apontus 11-piece kids drum set offers realistic sound output, even though it’s a kid drum set.

Good for money?

Plainly speaking, this is an absolute bargain. Apontus 11-piece kids drum set belongs to the “extremely cheap” price point category, and it’s well worth the cash.

For more about Apontus 11pc Kids Drum Set, check out customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Build Quality 68% 68%
  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Price to Value Ratio 85% 85%

  • Easy, fun toddler drum kit/li>
  • Eleven pieces in total
  • Highly durable for a toddler drum set
  • Ideal for the youngest players


  • Toy-like design

Buying Guide:

Drum sets for babies

Babies and toddlers are usually hyped and full of energy, and most parents don’t know how to handle this excess enthusiasm. If you’ve found yourself in the previous sentence, you should consider buying your baby a toddler’s drum set.

These sets are not as loud as actual drums, and they’re sure to keep your baby occupied. Those outbursts of energy will slowly wither away, so you can tuck your child away for a good night’s sleep in no time.

In essence, baby drum sets are toy-like contraptions that are similar to actual drums in design, but they’re nothing alike when it comes to sound. Some models actually offer realistic sound output (such as Apontus Kids drum set), but most models don’t.

Drum sets for 10 year old

Kids that are 10 years old are big enough to play mini-size actual drum kits. Some brands, such as Gammon and Pearl offer models that would fit this description. What should you know about these drum sets? They are built upon the basic principles of standard-size drum sets, but they’re scaled down so that 10-year old kids can play them.

All in all, these are regular drums that come in 5 to 12-piece variants, and they’re usually more expensive when compared to 5-year old and toddler drum kits.

drum set for preschoolers

 Drum sets for 5 year old

Five-year-old kids have just surpassed the “toddler” phase, so they’re old enough to jump in something more serious. Even so, the drum kits for 5-year old kids are not “actual” drum sets. They’re usually toy-like instruments that resemble drums in sound in appearance.

Plainly speaking, drum sets for 5-year old kids are petite in size and (usually) flimsy, as the materials used in the construction process are not as good as the ones used to make real drums. Anyhow, there are some models that offer realistic drumming experience, such as Pulse 4000 series. You should know that there are no written rules that forbid 5-year old kids from playing drums that are for older children – the size of the young ones is usually the factor that determines which drum sets are good for them.

What Age is good to hop in a Junior Drum Set?

This is definitely not an easy question. The factor that determines the time to ascend to junior from beginner is usually the innate skill and talent of the drummer in question. Some kids take years, some even take decades while virtuoso drummers often need as much as weeks of practice to hop into their junior drum sets.

If we should consult with statistic info, the average age of transition from beginner to junior drum sets would be somewhere between 10-12.


Beginner drum sets are, basically, standard drum sets that are specifically engineered to accommodate the youngest drummers.

These drum sets are also cheaper and less durable, as it’s safe to say that kids can’t drum as hard as teens and adults. Anyhow, good kid’s drum sets come in different shapes and colors, but the best beginner drum sets are in this review, so enjoy your search.

OUR PICK: Ludwig Junior Outfit
  • Build Quality
  • Functionality
  • Price to Value Ratio

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