Best Drum Set Brands


Today we’re going to talk about the best drum set brands, including Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, and more.

The reason why it’s important to know the difference between “good” and “bad” brands is quite obvious, but it’s even more important to discern the “good” from the “best”.

This is the reason why we’re here with the best drum set brands reviews.

Although each brand has countless drum models available for different purposes we picked and reviewed a particullar kit for each brand.

Let’s start our rundown!

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Best Drum Set Brand for Rock

A word about the brand:

Basically, Ludwig is one of the best drum set brands on the market. These guys have earned their fame across drummers worldwide with their remarkable, innovative ideas which have inspired musicians for decades.

Simply put, Ludwig’s drum sets aren’t exactly cheap, but the lack of affordability is easily compensated with the abundance of benefits, including durability, versatility, high level of performance.

On top of all, their high-end models are something that you should always keep a look out for because the stocks are running dry aggressively.

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

We’ve picked Ludwig’s Amber Vistalite Zep 5-piece drum set from the rich catalog of this magnificent brand for many reasons. First of all, this drum kit offers an exquisite feel, the experience most drummers yearn for and aspire.

The reason for this can be seen in the premium-quality features, the unique outward appearance, and the fact that some of the most famous musicians, like John Bonham from Led Zeppelin played on these drums on their road to fame.

Simply put, Ludwig Amber Vistalite Zep set is the reason why Ludwig is considered as one of the best drum set brands for rockers.

  • Durability 98% 98%
  • Performance 97% 97%
  • Sound 99% 99%

  • One of the most beautiful drum kits out there
  • Ideal for rockers and metalheads
  • Exceptional durability
  • Superb features


  • Expensive


drum brand logos

A word about the brand:

Japanese are well-known for their skills in various disciplines, including the manufacturing of some of the finest drums ever. Pearl is a true representative of such craftiness, which is the reason why they’re #1 in our review of the best drum set brands.

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

Pearl’s Crystal Beat is a high-end drum set for juniors and semi-pro drummers. Namely, this remarkable drum set features seamless acrylic shells, a set of 6mm tom shells, a set of 7mm bass drum shells, and acrylic bass drum hoops.

This is one of the most durable Pearl drums ever, but it’s also considered to be one of the most beautiful ones due to Ruby Red finish. Now, the performance of this drum kit can hardly be described with words, as it is often characterized as something beyond perfection by veterans and skilled drummers.

  • Durability 96% 96%
  • Performance 94% 94%
  • Sound 95% 95%

  • Remarkably durable
  • Exceptionally beautiful
  • Well-balanced performance
  • Ideal for juniors and highly skilled drummers


  • Absolutely none



A word about the brand:

DW stands for “Drum Workshop Inc.”, and it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s an actual workshop that offers some of the best drums, pedals, hardware, and drumming accessories, and, on top of all, they actually have some quite affordable sets.

The big guys at DW are aware of the fact that the competition is stiff, which propelled them to put in an extra effort, prospering and growing along the years.

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

Here we have a special drum set from DW’s Design series, adorned with a beautiful Tobacco Burst finish. Now, you don’t have to be an expert to see that DW’s Design drum kit earned its salt.

The surface of the drum parts is accurate and the low-mass lugs provide the stability needed for casual practice sessions. All in all, this is a very good drum kit from one of the best drum set brands ever.

  • Durability 92% 92%
  • Performance 95% 95%
  • Sound 96% 96%

  • Superb versatility
  • A set of exquisite features
  • Reliable and durable
  • Stable construction due to low-mass lugs


  • Not cheap, but not too expensive either


A word about the brand:

Now, the guys at Gretsch are on a streak, as they’ve been making premium-quality drums throughout two millenniums. Namely, Papa Gretsch began the whole thing decades ago, and people simply love both him and his creations. If you’ve never heard of Gretsch, we’ve handpicked one of their best drum kits:

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

Gretsch’s New Renown Maple 3-piece cherry burst drum kit is a highly durable high-performance drum kit. In short, it doesn’t cost a lot, but it can’t be characterized as expensive either.

This drum kit features rock maple construction and die-cast parts which provide the durability needed.

  • Durability 97% 97%
  • Performance 92% 92%
  • Sound 95% 95%

  • Superior durability
  • Great for beginner and professional drummers;
  • Decently affordable


  • Hardware package is sold standalone


drum set brands to avoid

A word about the brand:

The majority of people associate Yamaha with motorbikes, snowmobiles, and racing gear, but only the true drum enthusiasts know that Yamaha stands as a synonym for one of the best drum brands in the drumming world.

If you’re searching for quality, and if you deem that your standards are high, you won’t be disappointed if you try some of what these guys have to offer.

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

The whole construction of Yamaha’s Raven Black stage drum kit is beautiful and sturdy. It’s comprised of YESS tom mounting system, a set of die-cast bass claw hooks, and six plies of birch.

Overall, this drum kit is decently affordable, highly durable, and astonishingly beautiful.

  • Durability 94% 94%
  • Performance 93% 93%
  • Sound 90% 90%

  • Belongs to the “affordable” price range
  • Superb features
  • Extremely durable and sturdy


  • Might require getting used to due to peculiar setup


A word about the brand:

Tama is one of the world class leaders and one of the best drum set brands ever for many reasons. One of those reasons is their supremacy in the field of performance. Namely, these guys make the best drum parts and combine them in drum kits with great ease. Don’t believe us, just take a look at their “Superstar” below and you’ll know it.

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

Most manufacturers use poplar shells to increase the stability and durability of their drum kits, and that’s fine.

Now, the fact that they’re so frequently used makes them somewhat of a “standard” in the drums manufacturing culture, which is the reason why you should always look out for hidden gems such as Tama superstar.

Namely, this drum kit features maple shells, along with a full set of exquisite features. Simply put, this drum kit excels in virtually all fields of performance, including affordability, versatility, and durability.

  •   Durability 93% 93%
  • Performance 90% 90%
  • Sound 88% 88%

  • Unique features
  • A beautiful outward appearance
  • Ideal for both beginners and seasoned drummers


  • No major flaws


A word about the brand:

Now, Mapex is one of the best drum set brands when it comes to versatility. Their catalog includes a large assortment of drum sets and drum parts, and it’s safe to say that they have something for everyone.

Ranging from low-cost drum kits for beginners, over high-quality well-balanced drums, to customized high-performance drum kits, Mapex has it all.

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

Mapex Bonewood Crossover belongs to the Mars Series. Now, this series is the reason why people hang around on the official Mapex site for hours, as it is comprised of the finest materials for a beginner model in today’s market.

Generally speaking, Mapex Crossover Bonewood drum set is an affordable drum kit that offers plenty of opportunities for young players to master their drumming skills with ease.

The setup of this drum kit was specifically built so that it can accommodate immediate beginners.

  • Durability 89% 89%
  • Performance 86% 86%
  • Sound 90% 90%

  • Ideal for beginner drummers
  • Decently affordable
  • High level of versatility
  • Great performance


  • No major flaws


A word about the brand:

Sonor is a German brand that delivers the promise of quality without fail. Their drum kits can be characterized as “ahead of their time”, as they boast supreme durability and exceptional levels of quality. Simply put, you can’t go wrong if you trust Sonor.

Manufacturer specs, details, and features:

Here we have Sonor’s SSE 13 Martini, which is also one of the most affordable drum kits in our review. Namely, this drum set belongs to the “affordable” price point category, but don’t let that dissuade you, as there’s more to it than just that.

Namely, Sonor’s Martini is more than capable of going toe to toe with the best drum set brands, as its performance can match that of a high-end drum kit.

  • Durability 82% 82%
  • Performance 90% 90%
  • Sound 91% 91%

  • Very affordable
  • Remarkably beautiful drum set
  • Natural finish
  • Great performance


  • Slight issues with durability
  • Hardware and cymbals are not included in the set


Best Drum brand for Rock & Metal

We all know that metalheads and rockers are the loudest drummers out there, and the question “which drum brands are best for rock & metal” is definitely on point.

Now, there are virtually dozens of online polls, threads, and forums online that deal with this issue, but they’re mostly comprised of subjective recommendations.

Choosing a drum brand for metal or rock is not an easy task, but there are people who’ve dealt with the issue of the best drum set brands for metal and rock. Namely, a certain “heavy metal essential guide” has all the answers for young seekers.

In short, this essential guide explains the drum parts, but also provides information about some of the best drummers in the world (including Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden, and Dave Lombardo from Slayer) and their gear setup.

Best Drum Brand for Beginners

There’s a very special reason why your first drum kit simply needs to be perfect. Namely, most people are attracted to the all-powerful sound that professional drum sets make, only to be discouraged when they realized that their beginner drum set sounds like a pair of tin cans.

In light of that knowledge, various professional drummers have been busy making lists and comprehensive guides for best drum set brands for beginners. In short, these guides go step by step, explaining the parts and recommending the best drum set brands for those without the necessary experience.

Some drummers prefer Pearl as their drum brand of choice, others go with Ludwig as their ideal beginner brand, but your best bet is to search the best drum set brands reviews and compare your ideal standards with actual facts.

Best Drum Set Brand

Best Drum Brand for Snares

Most musicians can agree that snares are among the top 3 most vital drum set components. This is the reason why you should pay extra attention when searching, as the loss of a good snare is hard to compensate for.

Anyhow, we made the search easy for you in this comprehensive guide of the best drum set brands for snares, including Tama’s snares, DW’s snares, Yamaha’s snares, and more.


Best Drum Brand for Electronic Drum Set

Unlike acoustic drum sets, electronic drum sets are more delicate, and (usually) more expensive. The reason for this is simple, actually. Namely, the hardware of electronic drum kits is extremely hard to manufacture (good ones, at least), let alone connect and wire up.

Anyhow, there are cheap electronic drum kits that are available for everyone’s budget, but you’d best avoid them if you’re searching for quality.

You can find the brands that offer the best electronic drum kits in our ultimate buying guide.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our review of the best drum set brands, as its sole purpose was to help you make a definitive choice by knowing the difference.

The difference between a “good” and a “bad” brand, and, more importantly, the difference between the “good” and the “best”.

If you enjoyed our guide be sure to check our articles for double bass pedals, drum thrones and cymbals.

Although there’s a huge amount of drum set brands in the market we can safely say that the ones included on this list are the pillars of the industry, providing quality products from beginners to professionals.

If you have any doubts leave a comment below!

OUR PICK: Pearl Crystal Beat
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Sound

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